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Nothing quite compares to the smell of a solid wood fence. When it comes to fences material is a personal choice. While Vinyl makes for an attractive fence, the look and feel of solid wood is hard to match. When deciding upon a wood fence we can create a variety of styles and heights to best meet your needs. From semi private fences, to full privacy fences we can install them all. With wood fencing you also need to decide what type of wood will meet your needs. Most commonly we use Cedar, or green treated pine. Traditionally cedar will last longer than pine, but after the green treating process the life of both materials is about the same at 25 years.

While wood fences look, and smell wonderful, they do require more maintenance than a vinyl or chain link fence. Wood fences do need to be stained yearly, and proper care taken to avoid damage. Because of the need for greater maintenance many of our customers prefer the maintenance free option of vinyl fences. However for those willing to put in the work nothing replaces the look, and feel, of a solid wood fence.

In installing a wood fence we can either use metal posts, or 4x4’s to secure the fence. We personally recommend all metal posts due to superior longevity in the area. When installing a wood fence we also use a new process that increases the life of your fence and minimizes yard damage due to heaving. Heaving occurs when frost causes the concrete securing your fence posts to lift. Dirt then falls under the concrete and causes them to rise slowly from the ground. Since such movement will never occur evenly, your beautiful fence will slowly go from being a straight line to a crooked mess.

Most installers only go down 3’ which is still within the area of frost. As frost goes down about 40” in our area we dig down deeper. We install fence posts going down 48” to keep them secure and below the frost line. This also results in our fences holding up much better against wind and other weather conditions.

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