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Chain Link Fence Installation - Appleton & Fox Cities WIChain link fencing is great maintenance free way to secure your property. Chain link fences are available in a variety of heights and colors. Most commonly we offer chain link in 3',4',5', and 6’ heights, anything higher is traditionally considered commercial fencing. Chain link fencing is the most cost effective way of enclosing a yard, and is perfect for creating a secure play area for younger children and pets. Chain link also comes in a variety of colors including galvanized, black, green, and brown to better match your house or yard aesthetics. A properly installed chain link fence can last practically forever.

In installing a chain link fence we can use metal posts to secure the fence. When installing a chain link fence we use a new process that increases the life of your fence and minimizes yard damage due to heaving. Heaving occurs when frost causes the concrete securing your fence posts to lift. Dirt then falls under the concrete and causes them to rise slowly from the ground. Since such movement will never occur evenly, your beautiful fence will slowly go from being a straight line to a crooked mess.

Most installers only go down 3’ which is still within the area of frost. As frost goes down about 40” in our area we dig down deeper. We install fence posts going down 48” to keep them secure and below the frost line. This also results in our fences holding up much better against wind and other weather conditions.

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